Brick EdgeGuard
  • Product Name:Brick EdgeGuard
  • 簡介:Brick Cube Packaging
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    Black or any


Brick Edge Guard is an economical tool for the strapping of  brick cubes, it has mostly running with PET straps on automatic strapping systems in brick  manufacturing  industries. Brick Edge Guard provides good aligning performance when it is placed on 4 corners of brick cube,  to ensure the stability of cubes during the transportation. Our unique formulation provides Brick Edge Guard a enhanced strap surface, can fully protect PET straps not to be broken by the sharped brick corner.    
We have curremtly suppling this product to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and  Philippines. The outstanding performance has  earned good feedback from worldwide users.  
All specifications can be customized upon request such as: 
1. Colour
2. Mono print
3. Embossed surface
4. Ribbed surface
5. Scored in the middle
6. Smooth surface
7. Coil length 
8. Thickness 
A. 50 x 0.35mm   
B. 50 x 0.40mm  
C. 50 x 0.50mm 
D. 50 x 0.60mm
E. 50 x 0.70mm 
F. 64 x 0.35mm
G. 64 x 0.40mm 
H. 70 x 0.35mm  
I. 70 x 0.70mm 
**All items above can be customized upon request. 
Compatible strapping system brand:
Our polypropylene strapping bands is tested by ISO9001:2015 approval inspection systems to ensure the excellent running performance at customer sites. All testing equipments and instruments are aligned annually.