TippyTape ティピーテープ
  • Product Name:TippyTape ティピーテープ
  • 人氣:618


TippyTape / ティピーテープ
Tippy Tape is dedicated to bundle banknotes, cheques, documents, fragile goods, and lightweight product. The standard colour is white. All other colour and dimensions upon request.
The delivery quantity is 12 rolls packed in a cardboard box, 54 boxes per a pallet.  
STRAPPING SPECIFICATIONS (105mm core available)
8 x 0.30mm x 750mtr 
All colour and core size upon request
Compatible strapping machines brand:
AKEBONO : 757 series
JOINPACK : S555 - M2
SHOKO KIKO SPOT : Tippy pack series 
Our polypropylene strapping bands is tested by ISO9001:2008 approval inspection systems to ensure the excellent running performance at customer sites. All testing equipments and instruments are aligned annually.